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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Noted director revels in this fast-paced farce at the Mountain Playhouse

TribLIVE: Director Chan Harris has a distinct advantage as he prepares a cast of professional actors for “A Comedy of Tenors” at Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown.

Harris, who has directed more than 20 plays at the playhouse, including four world premieres, was trained in opera at the Juilliard School, where he earned his Bachelor of Music degree. Ken Ludwig's sequel to his “Lend Me a Tenor” comedy is all about opera.

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Gabe said...

A farcical type show is generally enjoyable by almost all audience members who are in the mood for a good laugh. With that being said, a farce is never an easy task to achieve well. As mentioned in the article, everyone must be on top of their game to pull it off, from the actors to the board ops, everyone plays a huge role when producing a farce. In this instance, this is a new show and a sequel to an already audience appreciated show, "Lend Me a Tenor." When going about the task of producing a fairly new show there are a lot of things a director must organically come up with on his own when it comes to the blocking and set of the show because there just aren't former examples to draw inspiration from. A director, however, knows he must have done a fairly good job on his work when articles can be written about how proud he is of his own work.