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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Milwaukee 52-Inch Mobile Work Bench Review

Pro Tool Reviews: Last summer we raved about the Milwaukee 60-inch Mobile Work Station and there was more than a little discussion on who was going to get it. In the end, Clint DeBoer played the Editor-in-Chief card and claimed it. That’s not something he does often, but when he does, it’s typically for something really solid. Time heals all wounds and the release of the new Milwaukee 52-Inch Mobile Work Bench is just the medicine I need.

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DJ Lesh said...

Milwaukee's new mobile work station looks amazing. I have done so much research on tool cabinets and workstations, and this truly does look great. It is obvious that Milwaukee really listened to what carpenters and tradesmen want. Their attention to detail is phenomenal. Anything from the clearance that allows people to clamp things to the table to giving places for people to mount tool chargers, they have thought of it. The power tool organizer looks very helpful as in my experience, the large bottom drawer of tool cabinets often gets filled with power tools, burying the ones at the bottom. All this being said, I do not know about Milwaukee's build quality when I comes to cabinets as I have never owned one. I would be very interested to see a review of this tool by someone who has owned it for a few years.