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Monday, July 24, 2017

If You Need an Earpiece, You Don't Belong on Stage

OnStage Blog: The other day, I came across an article over at the New York Post entitled Pacino’s not alone: Willis needs an earpiece to remember his lines too. The article is quite self-explanatory. It goes into extensive detail about something that is becoming notoriously recurrent in professional theatre. A couple of years ago, in the Broadway show Misery, Bruce Willis apparently had needed an earpiece throughout the production in order to remember his lines while performing. It went on to say how he wasn’t alone among Hollywood actors who went from the screen to the stage, as Al Pacino– in a production of China Doll – also needed a similar earpiece so he would be capable of performing in the show.

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Mirah Kozodoy said...

I think this article brings up an interesting point about the negative side effects of the progress being made in the theater world. While the development in theater technology is incredibly positive and has done wonders for how plays and musicals are being put on, there are a few drawbacks to completely integrating technology into theater. I agree with the author’s point that to be able fully explore and represent a character, it is necessary to memorize the lines. If an actor doesn’t know their lines, they are only focused on what they’re supposed to be saying and not on the message they’re trying to get across. I also think the article does a good job of explaining the constant underestimation of the theater industry. The article mentions that often film actors get roles on stage but, in my opinion, acting on stage is very different from acting in film and the skills should not be transferred from one to the other.