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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Helping You Build Great Things" Is More than Just a Slogan to Prolyte

Lighting&Sound America Online - News: "Helping you build great things" means more to Prolyte Group than just mere words or a marketing slogan. When Prolyte received a request for help from a theatre in Scotland, with some doubts as to how to build their new truss structure in a safe way, the company jumped to the task. Prolyte organized a one-day on-site training to make sure the technical staff of the theatre can use its truss safely and efficiently whatever the project.

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George said...

This is so great to see. I am so happy that people in the rigging Industry are so willing to help each other. I totally think that this is such an honorable thing that Prolyte is doing. Rigging is such a dangerous task and can really lead to people getting hurt if it is not done correctly. So to see a company help out a team in Scotland with a rigging job was great and I hope that other companies will follow this same idea of not being so self focused but rather focused on the whole of the industry and keeping everyone safe. If the industry keeps this up maybe it will lead to some really cool initiatives that will end with creating amazing structures. I am not sure if there is a rigging convention but I think that they should totally have one because I think that more stories like this and also by having the ability to share ideas people would do more with the rigging industry... not that they don't already.