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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Greatest Movie Props of All Time: From Lightsabers to Wilson

Thrillist: They're found on dusty warehouse shelves; buried under flea market knick-knacks; Googled, Ebayed, begged for; commissioned from blacksmiths, painters, and model makers for one-time use; and constructed out of whatever $5 can buy at the local craft store. They are sketched out, improvised, or placed in scenes by the fate of logic, existing to serve the performances or action around them. But while iconic movie props make us laugh, gasp, scream, and/or sit in absolute silence, they rarely start iconic; as a property master will tell you, the best on-screen objects go unnoticed, silently winning you over with truth.

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GabeM said...

Without movie props, actors would be no different than the traditional mime you may think of except with words. Props are always a very quintessential part of any movie or stage play because they give an actor something the characterize with. "Castaway" would be very different without the famous volleyball named Wilson just in the same way that Charlie Chaplin wouldn't be himself without his staple cane. Props can go from complex pieces like Coma the Doof Warrior's guitar in "Mad Max: Fury Road" or extremely simple pieces like the cup of water that sits on the dashboard of the truck in "Jurassic Park". When you think about it, these aforementioned movies truly wouldn't be the same without their staple props that make the movie more than just a name, it gives them a physical characteristic that people can remember and refer to.