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Friday, July 07, 2017

Crunching CBS’ diversity numbers after the “Hawaii Five-0″ cast departures is painful Even if you’re not a regular “Hawaii Five-0” viewer, last week’s reported departures of series regulars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park might have come as a shock. Kim and Park were part the CBS thriller’s core cast, and they’ve been with the show since its first season, occupying third and fourth billing behind Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, who play updated versions of Steve McGarrett and Daniel “Danno” Williams.

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Sophie Nakai said...

People of color have a hard time breaking into an industry of any sort. I think that film and television is one of the hardest, because each race is typecast into a certain role. As a person of color, I grew up without seeing people who i recognized and connected to on the screen. Everyone was white and male. The few females that were there were not necessarily the strongest characters. The asians were always nerds, or weird and the hispanics dumb and in gangs. The abysmal casting in Hollywood is a detriment to any shows viewing. People of color are looking for characters they can connect with and CBS is losing two people who are established actors and have loyal fanbases, as well as people of color. I watched a couple episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and I was happy that there were asian characters who were just "normal people" because that is what they are. I think it is stupid of CBS to not match their salary to those of the white males and let them go because they are such a white television network and soon that will affect them.