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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Costume Designer Explains Great Wonder Woman Movie Armor

The Mary Sue: There are many, many things to like about Wonder Woman—so many that we’re still talking about it weeks after the movie’s debut. One of those things was the costume design for the Amazons and Wonder Woman herself, which professional costume designer Amanda Weaver took to Twitter to analyze for all of our benefit.

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blue Williger said...

While watching the film, I was immediately drawn to the leatherwork that was used to create the armor for Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Lindy Hemming designed the costumes for the new film. While keeping in mind the classic image of Wonder Woman, Hemming was able to incorporate her own style and ideas to a classic design. She elevated the classic Wonder Woman from a cartoon rendering to a powerful warrior. Upon seeing the film, fellow costume designer Amanda Weaver then took to social media to explain Hemming's designs. Her intent was to show the women as warriors, strong and powerful. She goes on to say that Wonder Woman's boots "aren't sexy [thigh-highs, but] Roman greaves". I appreciate's weavers point of view, too often women are objectified and sexualized in television and film. In the film, Wonder Woman's costume seems to have been designed with not only the mindset of "let's make her attractive and sexy"; her costume has been designed to be functional, as protective armor.