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Monday, July 24, 2017

Cirque du Soleil takes a sensual dive into a Mexican pool with 'Luzia'

Chicago Tribune: A quarter-century ago, a sensual Russian aerialist named Vladimir Kekhaial turned up the heat of a Chicago summer by flying around a tent, his undulating, glistening muscles hardly confined by the tiny scraps of leather that claimed to be a costume. As this Vladimir, who became famous in his day, tossed his beautiful mane of black hair toward the open-mouthed Chicagoans below, very few of whom had ever heard of this Cirque du Soleil, you could see our fine first responders readying for a heat emergency by Lake Michigan.

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Sammy Williams said...

Cirque du Soleil productions are some of the most stunning out there, and this article definitely showcases that. I have only seen two Cirque shows, but it is still clear that they seek to display the highest levels of artistry. The author of the article said, “there is beauty printed upon the performers,” and this is a very true statement. Cirque drew costume inspiration for “Luzia” from Mexican heritage, and apparently insects as well. I imagine that the acrobats clothed in everyday attire would stun the audience upon performing tricks that seem out of the ordinary for their normal appearance. I think this would add to Cirque’s air of mystery that is laced throughout their shows, and make it even more of an impactful experience. I also think it would be interesting to see how Cirque integrated a revolving platform and a vertical treadmill into the acrobatics in this show, as it seems to branch out from more traditional circus set elements.