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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Animation Jobs on Rise as Netflix, Amazon Order Lots of Content

Variety: There’s general agreement that this is a golden age of television. But less apparent is the fact that it’s also a golden age of animation, spawned by the same subscription video-on-demand companies — such as Netflix and Amazon — that are ushering TV’s shining period.


Sophie Nakai said...

In the past couple years, streaming services have been on the rise. More and more people are subscribing and so the demand for more shows is increasing as well. The services have to create their own shows to differentiate between all of them, and so that is exactly what they do. I am surprised it is a lot of animation, because I have not seen many animation originals on the streaming services I use. I think it is really cool that the animation industry is growing because it is an industry not many people talk about. The voice actors are somewhat recognized, but most people have no idea who is animating behind the scenes. With a growth in the animation industry, I think there should also be a growth in the recognition the people behind the scenes get. Amazon and Netflix are ordering a lot of episodes to be animated, and I think that it is so much harder to make so many episodes all at once and not do it like a season at a time. It's amazing that all of this is happening, even though there isn't much exposure on it.

Brandy Zhang said...

Animation has always been the part of entertainment that is either neglected or not addressed as much as its other siblings such as reality shows or tv series. Honestly, animation should be put more focus onto, not only because it can create a large impact with a relatively small budget, but it is arguably one of the most effectively ways to appeal to people of all age groups. The reason being its relatively "childish" nature and its potential to be deep and thoughtful. In "stupider" terms, they can be PG or R-rated depends on the intentions and the artistic decisions made by the artists. I am personally a big fan of animation and anime. I think they are definitely worth investing in and they need more attention from the people in the entertainment industry. It is so great to hear that these major leading tech companies are investing more money in the field of animation. Animation sometimes is actually much better than tv series, for some of the technology developed for animal can be used to achieve the kind of vision that reality just does not allow without the risk of being too "cringy." Animation allows for the borders of imagination to be crossed and broken, therefore more creative ideas can be realized. Overall, it's great news that animation's significance is being seen and I hope everything works out well for the animation industry. I look forward to more interesting and fantastical pieces.

Veronica Chen said...

The amount of animated shows that are coming out now on streaming websites is incredible. More often than not though, audiences tend to lean more toward the live action shows. Having the animated shows put onto the live streaming sites is more stable for the animators and the companies that they work for, but the demographic varies. Their show could become super popular, or it might not do that well because of a different show being shown on television that is more interesting. The stability of a show being on a streaming website isn't that much better than the show being on live television simply because the streaming site allows the audience to watch the entire season at once rather watch one episode a week. Once the audience finishes watching the series online, they might not have anything else to watch. The animated shows could do particularly well because they come in such large batches. There are tons of episodes to watch with multiple different plot lines and that helps the creativity of not only the kids that watch but it also helps the adults that create.