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Monday, July 24, 2017

A Show's Journey: Research, Research, Research

OnStage Blog: The production staff and the actors are the ones who are known to bring the show to life. They are usually involved with the show from the start. But theater is so much more than that. Theater and shows are also about the little people that you meet along the way. The ones who help out your production in small ways and have no idea that they have helped. In part 2 of the series of those who help bring a show to life, I am going to introduce you to them. They are the people who work at the thrift store, the library, or at another community theater.

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Sammy Williams said...

There is no doubt that dozens of hours go into the research portion of production development. Depending on what the overall goal of the show is, there may be time period constraints, specific symbolism, dialects, and script references that need to be looked into. I think this process is very special, because it’s like watching the development of a person’s personality and preferences. Prop research is especially specific, and as the author mentioned, many people contribute to it. My best friend is the prop master at my school, and I know she’s had many conversations with cast members, teachers, relatives, and community members regarding props that she needs for shows. She’s told me how wonderful it feels to find something she needs, and gain an interesting story in the process. She became friends with the band teacher over a conversation about antique violins, and the band teacher ended up inviting her family to see the show. These stories are so heartwarming, and I am always happy to involve more people in the world of theatre.