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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

6 Theatre Workers You Should Know

AMERICAN THEATRE: A freelance scenic designer in Pittsburgh and beyond, Mauk’s recent designs include Wig Out!, Heads, and Of Mice and Men for Pittsburgh Playhouse, and The River for Quantum Theatre—a site-specific work on an old dry boat dock garage with a river running through it. “If I don’t challenge myself intellectually and emotionally for a design, it is an opportunity lost,” says Mauk. He’s also involved in the Gateway Mentor Program at the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, because he’s passionate about diversity and inclusion. “I want to be able to look across the room and see stories similar to mine,” says Mauk. “As a trans man, I feel it is important that I remain visible for folks starting out.”

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Sidney Rubinowicz said...

Theatrical technicians are often anonymous in the media because of their place backstage. For this reason, I was drawn to this article that altered its scope of focus from the typical actor biography (even though an actor is mentioned). I was able to learn about a variety of professions, from dramaturg to scenic designer. Each person was not only very accomplished in his or her field, but they were also distinct in their approach, which is what made them so notable. For example, Sadiqa Iman, a producer and director, is a theatrical professional, as well as director of Washington D.C.’s Project Create. She is not limited to the stage, or even one aspect of it. This is important to me as a technical theatre student, because I believe in experiencing a variety of focuses. This idea is present in CMU’s Design and Production program by providing a core curriculum before a concentration is chosen. I also like how the article provided some humorous and quirky anecdotes about each of them because it’s important to remember that they are all unique individuals, aside from their profession.