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Monday, July 17, 2017

14 Alumni Nominated for Emmy Awards

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama: The nominations for the 2017 Emmy Awards were announced last week and the School of Drama has 14 alumni nominated for eight of the awards; there are 17 nominations total.

Noah Mitz (A 2005) garnered three nominations this year for “Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Series” for his work on America’s Got Talent and two nominations for “Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special” for his work on the Grammy Awards and the Tony Awards broadcasts.

Of the alumni nominated, 13 hail from the design and production area of the School of Drama, including scenic, costume and lighting designers.

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Veronica Chen said...

It's incredible to read about the achievements of the alumni from CMU. I always wonder what the alumni are up to after they graduate from college and it's really cool to be able to recognize the projects that they're all working on. It's exciting to know that these 14 alumni are getting recognized for their hard work and talents. I also like reading about what the alumni are doing after college because of what I could potentially be doing in my future. I love watching different TV shows and knowing that people from a school that I'm interested in going to are so successful really brings my interest up in pursuing a career in design/production. It's so interesting learning about what kind of people the program produces. Everyone that comes out of the program is successful in their own way, and these alumni that are nominated for Emmy's are just a little more publicized in the world of theater because of the award that they're nominated for.