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Monday, May 01, 2017

Volunteer 'secretaries' type out, mail letters to Trump

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Market Square was turned into a temporary office space Friday evening as 10 “secretaries,” wearing patent leather pumps and sporting beehive hairdos, took dictation and tapped away at their typewriters.

They typed and stamped dozens of letters in three hours, as passers-by stopped to gawk, take pictures or have their own messages transcribed.

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Julian Goldman said...

This seems like a really cool project. It encourages people to be politically active and think about what they want to say, and also provides them with an easy and (depending on who you are and what you find stressful) less stressful way to take that first step. I’m not sure what I feel like the dressed up secretary attire is really saying, though it does draw attention to the whole thing. I also wonder how many people they get to come say things for them to write, and how effective those statements really are. I also would like to see a version of this that encourages people to write to their representative in the House/Senate or state/local governments, since I think it is important to remember that there are more people than just the President who determine what happens in this country. Either way, I like the concept as a whole.