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Saturday, May 06, 2017

'Total Chaos': Fyre Festival Organizers Face Third Lawsuit

Rolling Stone: A third lawsuit has been filed against the organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival. The complaint, obtained by Rolling Stone, alleges negligence, fraud, misrepresentation and violation of consumer protection laws in all 50 states (the latter charge filed so attendees from any state can join the suit if it is certified as a class action lawsuit).

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Emma Reichard said...

This whole Fyre Feestival thing is really hilarious to me. I think what makes it so funny is that the hosts of the event were either the worst scammers in the world (because do you really think you could get away with it?) or the worst event planners in the world (for obvious reasons). And either way the outcome is so funny. I remember watching some of the promo clips about the music festival and thinking “rich people are crazy”. And then once it all started happening, I watched several clips of people at the event. I also took the time to read an article posted by a guy who had won the trip as a raffle at work. He explains that it wasn’t actually all that bad, just kind of like camping, but the majority of the people who went were wealthy (and maybe a little bit dramatic) and were freaking out. This guy said it was the funniest weekend of his life, watching all of these rich people trying to cope with living how millions of people do everyday.