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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

This is the first look at the new World of Avatar attraction at Disney World

The Verge: Walt Disney World’s World of Avatar isn’t scheduled to open to the public until May 27th, so the theme park-loving masses won’t be able to enjoy the new attraction until the end of the month. However, members of the press got a preview this weekend, and helpfully gave everyone a look at what to expect from Pandora and the lifeforms that live there.


Tahirah K. Agbamuche said...

I always forget exactly how much prep time goes into creating these lands and this article is a lovely reminder. This first look really showcases the fine detail added to the land. Even the automated characters are so detailed that the movement is so fluid, down to the finger tips. It is amazing how well they blended media, animation and physical space. I am extremely excited to see what the ride features in the park are, and what type of food is available. It is really interesting that Disney took Avatar on, I would have expected it to fall more in Universals court, since Disney has tended to stay with their signature classics. I can imagine the upcoming films will bring in lots of revenue for disney as well. This is a new departure for them, so it will be interesting to see if they continue. Nonetheless, I am excited to see the full world at some point

Madeleine Wester said...

This was a pertinent article to read, since Christine Barnes recently came to CMU and talked about her work on Pandora and the rest of Disneyworld. It was really interesting to hear her insight on working for Disney, working on Pandora and just entertainment in general. As Tahirah said, I also tend to forget how much effort and time goes into creating Disney's lands. I remember commenting on an article a while back about Disney telling the public about Pandora. It seems like they've suddenly got the whole land together, but I realize that they've been designing and planning for months and months. Overall, the photos and info on Pandora is pretty cool and I'm excited to hopefully see it soon! I'm not surprised that Disney is doing this land in such an extravagant way and I'm excited to see the rides and environments, especially since they're pushing the immersivity.

Evan Schild said...

I am so excited for the new park to open. I love Disney and how they spend so much money ti make their parks look as good as possible. I don’t really remember the movie that well since it came out so long ago but I do remember it being remarkable. Disney lately is adding more and more rides to fit with what is current and new. Last year they opened up the new frozen ride in epcot and it was a huge hit. One the first day the line was 6 hours long. This makes me wonder how long the lines wit be for this new park one thing I do wish is that the movie was coming closer to the new park being opened. Disney has to wait three years now for the next movie to come out which is kind of long time. I cannot wait to go see this new park next year.