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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

*The Three Musketeers*

The Tartan Online: In Carnegie Mellon School of Drama’s The Three Musketeers, the classic phrase of the eponymous trio, “All for one and one for all,” takes on a new meaning in the thrilling conclusion to Carnegie Mellon’s theater season. The show was held in the Purnell Center for the Arts from April 13 to 15 and April 25 to 29 at matinee times of 2 p.m. on Saturdays and evening times at 8 p.m. for every day of the production.


Annie Scheuermann said...

This is a really good review of the production. Having been working on the production, I read through a few different reviews. Some of the reviews were just praise and lists of those involved, some were more in depth with opinions on how they recieved the production. This review does a good job giving an overview of the production and commenting on thoughts they had about different elements, especially considering the reviewer is your typical theater goer. I really enjoyed working on this production, and seeing the amount of work that went into the design elements in collaboration with the acting to create the world. Yesterday was the talk back with the conservatory hour. Hearing the thoughts from the drama students was very enlightening and their reactions to different moments was not always expected but new ideas to consider. I normally do not read anything from our school newspaper The Tartan, not for any specific reason, but this review is very well done and good to see that people outside of the school of drama but still with in our campus community enjoyed the production.

Zak Biggins said...

It is no secret that I really enjoyed Three Musketeers at Carnegie Mellon. The show evoked in me the same joyful sentiments I felt regarding adventure as a child. I think that the cast and the direction of the piece very quickly established a rhythm to the text and to the way the show was to be presented. Finding this rhythm was pivotal for the show. The show, to me, almost felt farcical because of its intentional timing. My favorite character (or break out performer) was the Captain of the Guard portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. I think she was on her voice the entire show and embodied every character with grace. The technical aspects of the show compliment the story quite well, which is not always the case. I think Sara Keller's scenic design was the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning. The costumes were by far one of my favorite parts of the show. The two costumes that stood out to me particularly, were those belonging to McKenna Slone (Milady) and Daryl Paris Bright (The Queen).

In my opinion, this show was excellent and was the most consistent of all of the Main stage productions we presented this season.

Evan Schild said...

The Review of Three Musketeers is very accurate. All of the performances were incredible. My favorite was Victoria who I thought was astounding. My favorite parts were the ones that included the fight choreography. I think a lot of people really enjoyed how well they did stage combat. A lot of times you see Colleges do fight sequences you can tell they are fake and not good. With this production however the fighting was incredible. Yes, at time you could tell that it was fake but for the majority of It, it was incredible. My other favorite part was the lighting design. The opening when it goes to the blackout and that the lights hit the hanging piece is so beautiful. One thing I think that could be worked on is the book. At time I felt the pace was a little slow and also a bit confusing. Overall though it was a great show and I wish everyone got to see it