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Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Monologue Project celebrates Women of the African Diaspora in theater

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Voices will be raised Saturday in Pittsburgh, New York, Los Angeles and other cities nationwide to inaugurate The Monologue Project, an initiative aimed at celebrating Women of the African Diaspora and their impact on theater.

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Ali Whyte said...

I am all for events like this. I think it is so important to recognize all that have had an impact on theatre, not matter how small or long ago. I especially like the format of this event, where the monologue is performed, then discussed, then made available for anyone who wants to read it online. I think that is a great way, not only to present a piece of theatre, but to start real and meaningful discussions about it as well. I think making events and work like this open and accessible to all who want to join is a great way to both educate people about things of which they might not be aware and also entertain them in a new way that perhaps they have not yet experienced. I also think that by holding events like this, it will also contribute to diversity awareness and the importance of having members from all communities represented in the theatre.