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Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Best Mid-Sized Multi-tools for EDC in 2017

Everyday Carry: We all know how great full-sized multi-tools are. In your workshop, desk, or your car, they're a toolbox worth of utility minus the actual toolbox. But for everyday carry, they're not always the best. While you do save yourself the trouble of having to lug around said toolbox, full-sized multi-tools aren't exactly featherweights either. Carrying one as part of your EDC isn't an optimal use of pocket space and can end up weighing you down.


Julien Sat-Vollhardt said...

I shave been mad at myself all this year for not having a good multi-tool before I started school here. I have found myself in a multitude of situations where having a multi-tool was if not essential, highly beneficial, and I have had on plenty of occasions has to borrow one off of my peers to make up for my inadequacy in my everyday carry. My birthday is May 29th, so I know what I'll be asking for to complete my toolkit!
The only problem with this article is that It lists the mid-sized multi tools, and while this is useful, a mid sized multi tool is not what I would bring into the shop. While not what Inwould carry around just everyday, working at a theater school, and interested in technical direction, I will be working in the shop a lot, and will be troubleshooting machines, this would require something beefier.
I want a small saw as part of my multi-tool, and I have observed that the saws that are part of these medium sized tools are custom pieces. This is as opposed to the option on the leatherman wave of having any T-shank blade accepted, making the blades rechargeable and customizable.

I do think that the Leatherman brand is so much preferable to Swiss army just because of the pliers feature.

David Kelley said...

So to be up front I'm not necessarily the biggest fan on multi tools, do to me wanting to use the mare appropriate tool when I have it available even if I need to grab said tool from the tool room, but sometimes that just is not an option and thus every time I see a list of multi tools I feel I need to browse it to see if anything catches my eye. That now being said looking at this list the only two that I saw that I feel I could actually care and use on the daily as multi tool where the two Juices from Leatherman. The majority of the tools on this where not what I would classically see as Multi tools but rather pocket knives. But eh next time I'm at an outdoor retailer I'm going to try and check out the Juices, if they don't fit my needs it seems my search for a multi tool saw continue.

Lauren Miller said...

Unfortunately my multi-tool grew legs and walked away (possibly in the direction of 33…) earlier this semester and I have long needed a replacement. I currently carry a Swiss army knife – less for the ability to actually use it on site (it was beneficial in cutting Three Musketeers rope), but more for the ability to feel like MacGyver. I know that my next purchase will be a leatherman, however. The pliers are a very much necessary function of the tool and I feel lost and useless without them. The Juice XE6 honestly seems a little overkill. I personally don’t find myself using the cork screw function of my swiss army very often, and I feel like this tool does not offer enough different capability from my current carry to be worth the purchase. The skeletool seems to be the best choice for me, since it does not repeat tools and offers a better blade. The karabiner is also a nice feature – since I hate taking my tools out of my pockets when working at height. I currently have an older version of the huntsman, which also makes the Swiss camp unnecessary (it honestly just looks confusing – I like being able to get the tool I want on the first try, not the 5th. The SOG is an interesting concept, but I feel like it’s more of a “I’m a tool guy” fashion accessory (much like the leatherman hair clip) than a tool.