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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Pet Tales: Horses play lead roles in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In this version of the “tale as old as time,” Belle not only finds true love with the Beast, but also she gets to ride a big, beautiful white horse.

“Beauty and the Beast on Horseback” takes the popular Disney story to a whole new level at the 2017 PETCON Pet & Equine Expo at the Washington County Fairgrounds & Expo Center next weekend.


Vanessa Ramon said...

Honestly, when I first saw this I was very confused by the title. To me, it sounded like the beast was being played by a horse and the rest of the characters were normal people and I got scared, but after reading that this is basically Beauty and the Beast on Horseback, I think that this show sounds so cute. How interesting to combine the art of horseback riding with a musical. The article helps you make sense out of it when it states that the instructor would use music to help the rider and the horse get into a good rhythm and how that evolved into putting on musicals for themselves. I think its great that they are now performing this for an audience. I think the audience was very thorough in its coverage of the festival. It sounds like this events will be one that will have a lot of fun events.

Antonio Ferron said...

I'm a little confused as to what this event actually is. At first I thought the article was discussing the new live action Disney film version of Beauty and the Beast. Even though I haven't seen the film, I know there are scenes involving cast members riding horses, whether or not Belles horse friend Phillipe is included or not. I was honestly getting excited to read how the horses were taken are of and used in set. But after reading this article, I'm even more confused. I'm particularly confused about what the event being discussed actually is. Is it a theatrical experience or a costumed horse riding exhibition? There is mention of timed moments in which the horses do certain thing at different points in the music, but Beauty and the Beast isn't an opera. Do they just perform the play script while riding horses? Do they recite lines and interact all while riding horses? It would be nice to see what the hell this whole thing really is.