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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Live Streaming: How To Reach A Wider Audience With so many churches incorporating live streaming into their productions, it’s become increasingly more difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. You want viewers to tune in to your broadcast, but with so many churches broadcasting at the same time, it’s easy for your stream to get lost in the clutter. So what other options are there to get more viewers?


Alexa James-Cardenas said...

The reason I clicked on this article was because when I was younger and big participation in my old church: West Angeles Church of God in Christ, I distinctly remember the multiple of camera’s that were used for the big screens in the church and used for broadcasting the service live to their website for home steamers. I am grateful, because it got me out of going to the physical church on days where it was hard to get dressed and go outside, so my mom allowed us to stay home if we watched some of the service. But I do agree with article, the social media presence (on their website) and broadcasting and their willingness to use technology has very much helped them to stay popular and keep their title as a well-known church to the larger Christian/Pentecostal community across the nation. But not just this church uses it but others like pastor Joel Osteen, uses it as well, and they have become more and more popular for it.

Zak Biggins said...

I am not sure how I feel about live streaming performances. I want to start off by recognizing the pro's. Making theatre or live performances more available to audiences is an amazing thing- something to be celebrated, in fact. Everyone should have the right to see live theater, it's a massive part of the art culture in America. However, I don't know if live streaming is the solution. If we begin to live stream every performance, sure the arts might get more exposure or appeal to a new demographic of audiences but at the same time, that would begin the decline of live theatre. If you present audience members the chance to stay at home and watch a show from the comfort of their homes, do you really think someone will choose a commute instead to sit in a theater? If we begin to live stream more live performances how are we any different from television? There needs to be this separation in our art form, in my opinion.