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Monday, May 01, 2017

Fyre Festival Was Always Going to Be a Disaster In early March, a friend of mine texted me to ask if I wanted to be a talent producer for the Fyre Festival. I’d never heard of it, but the gig involved going to the Bahamas and being paid extremely well. So I said yes and packed my bags. The festival was supposed to be a luxury music retreat where elite millennials could mingle with “influencers” and models. Tickets cost between $1K and $125K, gourmet food and accommodations were promised. I was planning to spend the next two months working on the festival, but a mere four days after I arrived I was back on a plane to New York because the whole thing, as everyone now knows, was a complete disaster. I was briefly involved in the planning of the event and got a front-row seat to chaos.

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Claire Krueger said...

I just finished a first comment about Fyre Fest and figured a second one was in order. It was interesting reading about this from a behind the scene view. The only better thing than watching a customer give a poor minimum wage high schooler, is being that poor minimum wage high schooler who gets to go home and say, “you wouldn't believe what happened to me today”. I felt bad for the poor talent coordinator having their time wasted but I felt even worse for those who stuck with is and most likely blackballed themselves, seeing how the production team was ‘all new hires’. Usually articles peter off or end on a blank note but ending with ‘ the kicker is the forgot to have me sign an NDA’ is the perfect bow to the heavy suggestion of underlying sass. My conclusion is, wether your a crabby customer, a bystander or the poor minimum wage high schooler Fyre Fest is a disaster.