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Thursday, May 04, 2017

After 14 Years, Point Break Live! Returns to Seattle for One Night Only

Theater - The Stranger: Jaime Keeling's Point Break Live! is a ha-ha-fun drunken dorm room idea gone terrifically right. Take Kathryn Bigelow's tubular surfer-bro action-adventure bank-robber film starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze (RIP), put it in a theater, keep all the best lines, also keep all the water and blood, and then, just to add that extra special something, cast the show's lead role from the audience each night.

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David Kelley said...

This seems like the perfect mix of reality and completely breaking from reality. Really a point break live show? This seems more than a little ridiculous, which I guess it is meant to be due to the fact that the whole idea for the show was from drunken jokes. I like the idea of pick rand people from the audience to play Patrick Swayze's FBI agent, well at least up until to more technical things where they could hurt them selves or others. I am also curious to learn about the scope of the law suit that Keeling's had to go through to make sure that she owed the show moving forwards. The article mentions that the show is also now on the east coast not just in Seattle where it originally was done, but where on the East coast are these shows cause I really want to see this show bad but I'm not likely to jump on a plan just to see a production of Point Break Live but I'd definitely drive.