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Monday, April 17, 2017

Your Decisions at the New Star Wars Theme Parks Will Have Consequences When Star Wars themed lands open at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2019, things are going to be interactive. Maybe, a little too interactive.

During a panel at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this weekend, it was revealed that the fully immersive theme park areas will allow visitors to develop a reputation.

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Alexa James-Cardenas said...

As a person who loves immersive theatre and having the audience having a bit more interaction, I will say that the ideas proposed could be a bit creepy. I mean never have before in an amusement park has my decisions of a ride/what ride I go to first or in any order had a big impact on experience. And so the fact that decisions matter, and they you like an electronic record does seem like it can be a bit more personal for a person. BUT on the other half (89%) of me thinks that this so freaking awesome. Because, well for the same reason for why it could be creepy. It is a chance for you to kind of be like a real character (the main character) on a Star Wars adventure, and it goes to show you that the situation that happen (although fictional) and seem very real emotional and stress wise. But once again, that kind of experience isn’t for everyone, and so I think they should also think of either a tamer version (which will include the more extreme version as an option) or have a totally separate system where people who just want to ride rides can, and they people who want to get followed by a bounty hunter can do just that.