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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wolverine Jetstream CarbonMax Safety Toe Shoe

Pro Tool Reviews: In my never-ending quest for the perfect footwear for work, I’m constantly chasing comfort. After all, the challenge isn’t producing a shoe with a safety toe, puncture resistance, and stability, it’s doing it in a way that doesn’t leave your feet begging for mercy at the end of the day. More often than not, I really just want to wear my running shoes. So when I saw the new Wolverine Jetstream, I had a feeling it would be right up my alley.


Claire Krueger said...

Everytime I hear about a new type or style of shoe all I can think about is my father wearing those rubbery toe shoes everywhere, they’re worse than socks in sandals. Combined with his khaki shorts and belt phone clip the shoes just make the image all the more powerful. To my utmost relief when I opened the article it was a relatively normal pair of shoes. Plain in almost every sense. While I might never own a pair, the cost and effectiveness of new balances are to great, but I can admit they are pretty cool. They don’t look like anything revolutionary but it's the inside that counts. A safety toe and memory foam sound awesome in theory but the review was based on one day of wear and tear. Personally I don’t buy something unless I know it has a long lifespan. My only complaint is that they don’t come in pink.

Kelly Simons said...

What?!?! Why did I even freaking bother getting steel toed boots when these Wolverines exist? I know that when I work a full shift in my steel toed boots my feet and especially my knees really hurt. I think it is because, while my boots are comfortable, they do not give a lot of foot support and are extremely heavy. Steel toes should be heavy, but they are hard to walk in for long periods of time. I love these shows based off the review, and it seems like the author agreed with me about the weight of the shoe: “What your feet and legs will love is the light weight of these shoes. Wolverine is claiming they weigh 10.7 ounces. That’s pretty good for a running shoe, even better for a work shoe with a safety toe.” My birthday is coming up in July, maybe I will ask for these as a gift!