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Monday, April 24, 2017

“Wild With Happy” at City Theatre

The Pittsburgh Tatler: Wild With Happy is a seriously funny play. I mean that quite literally: what else could it be, given that it’s a comedy about a man grieving the death of his mother?

For the most part, that counterintuitive combination of the serious and the funny works quite well, thanks mainly to the work’s playful structure and its ostentatious and outrageous characters.

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Alexa James-Cardenas said...

The one thing that I found weird about this article was the author’s comment that maybe Mo should have been more of the “stereotype of the Flamboyant gay peacock. That is: Jones’ and Shaver’s “straight men” are perhaps a tad too straight for the world of the play”… I haven’t seen the show, but from what I’ve read from the author’s description it is an over the top satirical play. Even so, I think it would be better for the gender-ambiguous character to be less of a stereotype than more of a stereotype. The extremity of the play doesn’t always call for extreme stereotypes of a character, a personality (without being a stereotype) can be extreme on its own. Anyway! I am a big fan of dark comedy and I think that would really like this play (despites it’s flaws, of which the author expressed). It seems like it could be one of those plays that could be relatable (the whole part of the going to church and being traumatized couldn’t be more relatable to my family’s/brother’s life, and is very funny).