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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

What's On Your Phone, Desi Gonzalez?

AMT Lab @ CMU: Desi Gonzalez is the Digital Engagement Manager at the Andy Warhol Museum, where she writes about and researches the intersection of art and technology. Before her position at the Warhol, Desi designed technology for educational purposes at La Victoria Lab in Peru, developed interpretive experiences at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and managed a children’s website for the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her writing has been featured in publications including Art in America, Art Papers, Indiewire, and The Brooklyn Rail.


Kelly Simons said...

I’m always on the hunt for new apps. What’s on my phone is pretty basic; Google Fit, Pocket Points nothing overly helpful in terms of my efficiency. There is one app from this article that caught my eye. The first one is NPR One. I usually don’t check any news sources because it’s usually too much information all at once. I can never narrow down which news topic I want to read about, so usually I stay away from news. I liked how Desi described the app: “Feeding you contents little by little, it starts to learn about you and tailor it to what you are most interested in. There’s also a great discovery platform”. The fact that the app learns what you like in order to tailor your daily news to you is very attractive. I’ll have to make sure to download this app and see how exactly suits me.

Annie Scheuermann said...

I think I finally found a good bunch of apps that I have on my phone that are useful but don't suck up all my time. I have to say though, that one of the best choices I ever made was turning off notifications for most of my apps. I don't get notified for any of my social media, even the Facebook messenger. Not having the interruptions through out the day helps, but also not having the little bubbles telling me to look at them. I do wish I had found some more helpful apps from this article, as I don't think I will be in need of a translator and it is easy enough to use google translate if needed. I get a daily morning email with yesterdays news that I find is enough for me to stay informed and not get crushed with too much info. In PRM we were discussing have notifications off for email, which I currently have on for my CMU email as I find their are some that need to be responded to in a timely manner.

Katherine Sharpless said...

I didn't really think I'd be that interested in what apps this woman is using- but her career sounds interesting and smart phones are increasingly becoming a part of how people operate in their career. First of all, I'm curious about how Gonzalez's career took her from Peru to MoMA to The Warhol, and upon reflection have realized how The Warhol is actually one of the best museums I've been to in regard its integration with technology. I was there a few weeks ago, and they have stations where you can interact with Andy Warhol's films, simulate his screen tests, feel the texture of his paintings in exhibits for the visually impaired. I imagine this is all easier to do with an artist so invested in technology anyway. Moving on, I'm still more of a pen and paper type of organizer. I was hoping Gonzalez would use more arts education apps I could learn about, but the news apps, project apps, must be so integrated in how she accomplishes her work. One day, I believe I'll probably make more of a switch towards starting my day off with my smart phone, and I can come back to this article for tips.

Evan Schild said...

I love being on my phone just like everyone else. When I get bored the first thing I do is go on my phone. I will always be on Facebook. I think that phone apps are incredible. I am always looking for the newest and fun app to download. Most of the time my phone does not have enough storage because I have so many apps. One thing that I don’t do but the interviewee did was download apps that are really useful for life. I get games and things of that nature. Having NPR must be really nice. I think that the app Trello is such a cool idea. I think a lot of management people could start to use this for their shows or in a shop. I think we could use more technology when managing theater and it starts with great apps being developed like Trello. I cannot wait to see what future apps will be created for theater!

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