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Friday, April 21, 2017

Top 5 Love Languages For Church Techs If you’ve been around the church for any length of time, you have no doubt heard about Love Languages. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book about these five ways we express love for each other back in the ‘80s I think. In case you are unfamiliar, the love languages are; Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. The idea is that we all have a primary love language by which we most effectively receive love. For example, a husband may receive love when he is given a gift; his wife may receive love through spending quality time with her husband.


Cosette Craig said...

I see that the BS site that had a glossary of 50 useless terms for an unqualified church “TD” is now a regular around these green page parts. I could go on and on about how wastful this article is but I’ll break it down into a few parts: 1) don’t say “techies”, 2) the person writing this is so unqualified they don’t deserve to even call themselves a “techie”, 3) “love languages” are my trigger words, 4) dumbing down communication to this level is harmful and ridiculous, 5) seeing a need for this “stupid-proof” system of communication between “techies” and “regular people” just furthers my point that the author of this article is moronic. I’ll just roast each section individually:

“Words of Affirmation”: I don’t need a pat on the back from some bitter, judgmental pastor’s wife to know I’m doing my job right.

“Be on Time”: No. Shit. Also we don’t say “FILO” on the job, buddy.

“Decent Swag”: Aren’t Christians supposed to be grateful for what they’re given?

“Acts of Load-In and Load-Out”: If anyone called me a “gal” professionally, I would end them. Also, why in god’s name would you secretly shame anyone who doesn’t offer to help you out. With your job. That you are paid to do. And they are not.

“Food”: Cant argue with this one. Food is good.

John Yoerger said...

Yeah, I also think this is a bullshit article. Like, is Church Production so unpopular of a website that they need this crap load of crap to make sure they are regularly posting content? How about, you are getting paid to be a technician at a church (which probably isn't a dream job, but maybe I guess...) Nobody needs to give you words of affirmation. If shit doesn't work, we'll tell you about it, then you get it fixed and we move on. I think the people in this article need to lower their expectations. Sure, I would say at major theaters around the world that yes, technicians are treated better. But you're at a church. Chill out. If the actors (pastors? choir?) aren't on time, sucks to suck--they are more important than you in this environment. But thanks for giving a shout out to Chili's! Did they also just complain about not getting enough gifts? Shut the fuck up and spend your money. You're a church, so it's not like you have a lot. Nobody is going to waste their time woo-ing you. I honestly have to stop at this point because I just can't handle anymore stupidity.