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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Top 10 Schools for Musical Theatre Majors

College Magazine: Guys and Dolls, gather ‘round. Whether you dream of singing in the spotlight or Dancin’ in A Chorus Line, you feel a Wicked need to shine on Broadway. Grab your Hairspray and hit the stage, because these 10 schools know how to shine a spotlight. With recent grads stepping right into the limelight, Tony-winning alums, niche program sizes and quirks galore, these musical theatre programs stand out from the rest.


Claire Farrokh said...

I have not heard of the majority of these schools, but I trust that the list is relatively correct. I also did not do a ton of research into good drama schools when I was applying to colleges, I just figured Carnegie Mellon was one of the best and then threw some lines out to Syracuse, Ithaca, and Boston. I think it's interesting that NYU Tisch is listed as number one. I would move Tisch to third, and have either Carnegie Mellon or University of Michigan as first and second. Regardless, I think this is a really good list for potential drama students who are trying to get a sense of what schools to audition for. This gives them a basic, fundamental list of schools, and also gives them a general idea of how likely it is that they will get into the schools. This also gives a lot of possibly lesser-known, but still very good musical theatre schools to get some more exposure and recognition, which is something that is extremely valuable.

Claire Krueger said...

Golly gee wiz, I couldn't have possibly guessed that Carnegie would be at the top of the list. There's always plenty of articles that rank things, schools, programs, and my personal favorite types of flashlights. As much as I love how easy it is to read lists I feel like they become redundant after a certain point. Reading time and time again about how great Carnegie is makes for a bland comment. Not that it isn't necessary, the merit is totally earned and staying relevant in the public's mind is very important to maintaining the program but every time I see a top ten list pertaining to schools to only exciting part is, will Carnegie be first second or third? Then again I’m very lay and love easy comments and I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation to find out where Carnegie Mellon University placed in the next top ten list. And the only thing I’m more excited from than reading that article is commenting on it.

APJS said...

Im always stunned with I see list like this. I never thought I would come to a school with such a name and recognition. What is also interest in is the school i was interested in as my top choices were not on this list. Now I know this list is for actors and signer but I think it can to some extent reflect the program as a whole in some cases. Being a theatre design students it is hard to find what the best programs are. I have spent many years and internet searches to find a consistent list of top Theatre Design schools in the country. For years I thought I had found the schools that would take me the furthest. But after many rounds of trying to be accepted in to my dream school I found CMU and tool a chance on it. But now after learning about its Alumni program and the list of award winner and nominees I am confidant I made the right choice.