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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sam Gold Goes Gross With ‘The Glass Menagerie’

Observer: No, they are not blasting for a new subway under the Belasco Theater. The noise you hear is the sound of a mortified Tennessee Williams, turning over in his grave over what pretentious hack director Sam Gold has done to his great memory play, The Glass Menagerie.

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Katherine Sharpless said...

Yikes this reviewer was savage. I can see how the reviewer would be upset with the director's choices, or lack there of. I definitely agree with his comment that a play, especially one with such historical and cultural significance, shouldn't be redone just for the sake of being redone. While it'd be good to read other reviews to compare, non of Gold's choices added anything to the show to make it 2017 relevant or intriguing- other than Tom's supposed comedic bits. I looked up the set designer Andrew Lieberman and his set was very minimalist. There's a time and place for minimalism, and his sets on his website for opera especially were intriguing and bold yet sparse. The Belasco Theater is really big and ornate and the decision, by designer or director, to expose the back wall and add a few pieces of furniture didn't create the right mood. It didn't correspond to the world of the characters. Oh well.