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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out Front Theatre faces protests over “Most Fabulous Story” As Paul Conroy was piecing together programming for the inaugural season of his Out Front Theatre Company — the company he founded and that is dedicated to telling stories of the LGBT experience — the addition of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, opening April 27, seemed like a no-brainer for his lineup. Written by Paul Rudnick, it’s a celebrated comedy retelling of much of the Old Testament, with Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden, eventually joined by two lesbian characters, Jane and Mabel.

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Vanessa Ramon said...

Ok, this upsets me. I have not finished reading the article but I had to comment on this one part that has truly infuriated me, "If you continue with this presentation, we will urge CATHOLICS to oppose it loudly, peacefully, and legally in as large a protest as we can help make possible." I HATE that this says we will urge Catholics, like they all would agree with the point of view of the homophobia! As a catholic this is what I hate, people like this making sides, Catholics versus the gays. It doesn't have to turn into that, but yet here we are. I don't get it, even the Catholics who truly enjoy theatre should understand that theatre is a form of expression, it presents art to us with a point of view that is not our own and thats what makes it so important and educational. Why do they feel the need to attach this company which clearly states its mission and values to promote work like this. Overall, this article has made me sad.