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Friday, April 21, 2017

Obscura Digital Projection Mapping | Empire State Building If you are in New York City, tonight—April 19, 2017—this is the night to find a place with a great view of the Empire State Building. Much as they did in projecting images of animals threatened with extinction in August of 2015, Obscura Digital will once again create skyscraper-size images, in the neighborhood of 500’ tall x 186’ wide, draping over 42 floors of this iconic New York City landmark from 8:30pm to midnight. The images are created using 66 Christie Digital HD20k J Series 20,000 lumen projectors, with three backups (69 total), projecting from the rooftop of a nearby garage, at an extreme angle of51º angle (going beyond 40º is considered challenging).

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Mark Ivachtchenko said...

Too bad I missed this cause it sounds awesome! It sounds pretentious but I always love seeing the Manhattan skyline when I'm on the roof of my building and love seeing what's new with the Empire state building. For some reason, I always seem to miss the cool projection mapping projects and it seems like I just missed another. It's insane to see the equipment and specs of said equipment needed to project onto the Empire State's surface but the results are gorgeous. It's even better when projects like this one are done to promote a positive movement, like showcasing what animals are risking becoming extinct. It's also a great opportunity to celebrate some of the great people that we've lost that serve as idols. I just hope that big companies don't form a monopoly to solely advertise their products on the building's facade. Can't wait to be back in NYC this Summer and hopefully see another project they're projection project they're planning to undertake.