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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mini studio modules designed for hands-on electronic music creation Mindflood has developed the compact minijam studio platform to provide everything an electronic musician needs to create a beat or track, without having to pair up a smartphone running music production apps or software. The first "tek" minijam range is made up of a drum machine, a wavetable synth module, an analog filter, a mixer unit and a portable speaker – offering plenty of scope for hands-on live jamming and the ability to record creations to microSD for polishing in audio editing software.

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Galen shila said...

There are a lot of mini synth and drum machines coming into the market and ive only recently stared noticing them. This set up is really quite special because it is a full kit basically. Everything from filters to your basic synth. This is a great way to start out in electronic music creation. For most people who want to get into live beat making or just physical electronic music the main deterrent was the funds. Recently a lot of companies have steped up to the plate offering affordable hardware. This company really goes above any beyond by providing the whole set up. I think this is a great way to start out. Hopefully these peices can be taken apart and linked to other hardware as you get better gear. If so i would go out and bu this right away. MY only draw back is the included speaker. It is probably not all too good and something that is important when starting out in music is training your ear. Therefore i would suggest using better speakers or headphones. Other than that this kit seems like a whole lot of fun.