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Monday, April 24, 2017

Lower Stage Volumes Mean Better Shows

UE Tips and Tricks: Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone. And lower volumes mean happier ears for you in the long-run. In this day and age There is no reason that any musician should suffer from hearing damage because of loud stage monitor volumes. I have worked with many legacy artists that just can’t do what they used to because of hearing loss from high stage volume.

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Kelly Simons said...

I read this article and all I can think is….um, duh? Who would have ever thought that louder sounds would damage your ears? What an incredible finding. Currently, so many live performers use in ear monitors that this article isn’t presenting any new knowledge, is pretending that this is some new revolutionary theory. With statements like: “Stage monitors have to compete with everything else onstage so if one musician in your band keeps asking to crank it up, Next thing you know you are involved in a never-ending escalation of volume wars. I don’t need to tell you that. You’re the coming off stage with ringing ears.” The author is somehow thinking that this article could change practices that are rarely used professionally anymore. I guess this article could be helpful in explaining the different predicaments both the front of house technician as well as the performers experience, as well as how these different interest could clash. But that’s about all this article does.