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Monday, April 17, 2017

‘Happily Ever After’ To Feature The Most Advanced Projection Mapping Tech Yet

Disney Parks Blog: “Happily Ever After,” the new nighttime fireworks spectacular, is set to debut at Magic Kingdom Park on May 12. The show will take guests on an emotional journey as favorite Disney characters set out to pursue their dreams, encounter obstacles (and villains!) to ultimately prevail and find their “happily ever afters.” The show also encourages guests to pursue their own dreams and never give up.

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Annie Scheuermann said...

It is incredible that this kind of technology can be used in this way. Disney has totally cornered the market with magical storytelling in a big way. I think what I like about it the most though is that it still requires the sketch artists to draw the characters and places. Although they are now using tablets and digital drawing technology, instead of pencil and paper, the same artists are needed as was needed in the original Disney movies. Often technology takes the place of workers, but in a creative field technology can only go as far as the user takes it. Disney theme parks are constantly looking for new way to make an experience even more immersive, and I'm sure that they will continue to move forward as technology advances as well. As much as they like to use the new characters and world like Moana, I think that keeping to the classic stories everyone knows is still valuable.