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Monday, April 24, 2017

Fueled by Fury: Finding the Language to Fix Us

HowlRound: The notion that I would write a play in which someone discovers the solution to climate change was never the point of Two Degrees (though I believe that climate change is a fixable, solvable problem). After all, there is no silver bullet, no singular, magical solution for this issue.

More to the point, how to fix climate change wasn’t really the question. To fix climate change, we have to move people from inaction to action, from doubt to conviction. Finding the language and the arguments to do this is clearly important, but in order to do that we have to ask the more important question: How do we fix us?

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Helena Hewitt said...

I completely agree with Tira Palmquist that the question is not what can we do about climate change but how do we get people to do it? I feel like we definitely know for the most part what we need to do to reduce the effects of climate change, however, we don’t feel like it's a pressing enough issue to actually take action. Or maybe we do subconsciously, but not on a visceral, instinctual level that will make us feel like rinsing out a plastic container to recycle it is a necessity, not a chore. I admire that this team included the daily article and daily action in their process. There are times when I feel that making art about important topics is similar to the trend of sharing facebook articles and talking issues to death but not actually doing anything about them, but this production shows us that we can both make art about important issues and inspire immediate action within our colleagues as well.