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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Front Lines: Festival Fun

ProSoundWeb: The live music festival – a battleground of wet socks, sunburn, dehydration, challenging personalities, and the biggie: limited time.

Let’s dive right into techniques at (and away from) the console that can help insure a great mix, dry clothes, a killer tan, sufficient hydration, and time to use the bathroom, along with the opportunity to be personable and professional.

As someone who’s worked dozens of festivals over the years, I’ve found that true success in this arena always revolves around preparation, fundamentals, and a tried-and-true workflow.

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Galen shila said...

It is refreshing to see an article about the technicalities involved in putting on a music festival from a specifically sound perspective. I spent a lot of time at music festivals as a young lad and it always astounded me how they ran and what setup was involved. I feel it is really an ignored part of the entertainment industry despite the fact that they bring in tons of revenue and are growing in popularity. In the article it was interesting to see how little time is spent communicating with each band. It seems to me that it really depends on the soundcheck and then is in the hands of intuition and experience. That really shows off the skills involved with putting something like this up. Not only that but dealing with the environmental conditions that are associated with these events it really is a marathon for anyone helping run the event. Overall i think it really is a blast and can be absolutely amazing.