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Monday, April 03, 2017

From Space Invaders to bacon nacho cheese: The extras that rocked CinemaCon CinemaCon 2017 was much more than the movies we're going to see in theaters this year.

The trade show unveiled an arsenal of extras intended to lure filmgoers — from virtual reality plane crashes with Tom Cruise to hot nacho-cheese flavors for concession stands to giant Space Invaders games for the lobby.

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Evan Schild said...

I think this is such a cool conference. I wonder if they open it up to the general public. One thing that seemed weird was that they did not seem to talk about the actual movies. When the did discuss the movie The Mummy it was only to say that it was part of an interactive ride that attendees could have fun in. They did not seem to actual promote what the different movies are about. But instead how to get people into the movies. I think that cotton candy is such a good idea. It is very easy to make and very cheap. Many children would love to have that at the movies along with adults. Clean up might be hard along with the fact that a person would always have to be on cotton candy. One cool thing that is rising is the 4D theaters. I think this will help get more people to feel like they are in the actual movie. I wonder how much the ticket prices will be since its close to $15 where I am from.