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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fresh Intel on Video Displays

Church Designer Magazine: For the past few decades churches wanting to incorporate video displays into their worship environments needed to have those spaces specifically designed to incorporate a single, traditional type of lamp-based projection system. In the past few years, however, emerging display technologies once considered out of reach by most churches have begun to drop in cost—bringing more options into the realm of possibility for houses of worship.


Delaney Johnson said...

This article was very interesting, and lived up to the high standards that I had for it. Video has long been an aspect of the church experience, but it has never been a more keystone member of the church performance until now. From a young age, I remember slides of lyrics as the background to worship music on Sunday mornings. Even though these were artful and in good taste, the images were often generic at best and the slide nature of the process often involved harsh changes and slides that were not on the beat. An edition of an LED wall in church performance would create a more cohesive church experience that keeps up with the music, entertains the congregation and helps the overall worship experience. This, along with many other technical advances in churches, will be a much needed advancement in the worship entertainment world. I am looking forward to it.

Chris Calder said...

This was a very interesting article to read. All of these different technologies really do being to surface more and more as they begin to develop more and the possibly continue to grow. I am not surprised to see that churches are one of the environments that have begun to adopt these technologies. It is a little weird considering where the churches come from and how they have been displayed in history, but like anything else, it is time for them to adapt and fit the culture of today’s time. I do wonder if the more traditional people have a problem with this and I would also like to see what in fact they are putting up on the scenes beyond what the article talked about. At the end of the day, this is something that more and more churches are beginning to adopt and as the technology changes more I will look forward to seeing how it changes down the road.