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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Every Role a Starring Role – Parade Operations Specialist at the Disneyland Resort

Disney Parks Blog: Parade Operations Specialists bring magic to Disneyland Resort guests by making sure that parades like the Main Street Electrical Parade glow bright as can be.

Much of their jobs involve the parade floats, whether it’s making sure they’re show-ready, staging them before the show or even driving some of them down the parade route!


Rebecca Meckler said...

What a fun article. It’s so amazing to hear about different positions that I never knew existed. Though, this video was not extremely informative on what Parade Operation specialists do, it was fun to see a different side of the live entertainment industry. I never thought about the people who drive the parade floats, fix the floats, and what that job must be like. There are so many different positions that we never think about and it's great that disney is trying to show them through the Disney blog. I do wish that the article was more informative, as I would have loved to hear more about the day to day aspects of the job. However, I realize that the article is not meant to be super informative but rather to give an awareness to an job people might not think of. I would love to watch more videos like this focussing on different jobs at Disney.

Vanessa Ramon said...

I always love when companies make these kinds of videos. I think it's important for everyone to learn the amount of work that goes into all types of entertainment and how all of that work is crucial in making the show go on. Especially today in public school systems and in a world that is so focused on academics, the importance of art and all the work and skill that goes into making it is often overlooked. Today, technical theater programs are seen as easy electives or blow of classes when these classes could really open door into professions that take much skill and should have much respect. Even for those who already understand this, its cool to see what goes into different form of entertainment like this parade. Overall, I am the kind of person who loves to see how any magic is made in the entertainment industry so I appreciate videos like these but I also think they are beneficial in sparking interest for those who have never thought about how this magic is made.