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Friday, April 21, 2017

Creative industries as vital as oil and gas, says arts pressure group

News | The Stage: The government should recognise that the creative industries are as important to the economy as cars, oil and gas, the Creative Industries Federation has demanded.

It is one of several recommendations in the pressure group's Blueprint for UK Economic Growth, which has been submitted to the government as part of a green paper consultation for a new industrial strategy.


Vanessa Ramon said...

Wow, the Green Paper Consultation is doing a great thing by advocating for the importance and substantial impact the arts have on communities. It is cool how so many industry leaders have back their government plan up. I agree with them that the arts is a huge industry that really benefit not only the economy of a community, but also the culture and education of a community. While our government funding for the arts is being taken off the table, its nice to hear about such a big push in the UK to make the arts such a prevalent part of the economy. I think the three recommendation that they have set out for this plan sound fair. Each of the recommendations seem to provide either financial support, or better access to the arts and easier access to organizations that provide the arts. Overall, its sad that I am so surprised by how big of a gesture this seems to me but I am happy that it is being made.

Sarah Battaglia said...

I have always been a big advocate of the arts in all situations. I think that there is nothing more valuable than someone having the arts in their lives and using that to be able to foster a better understand of the world, and of themselves. When I used to teach theater to children I would love to watch the kids who had never done it before walk in on the first day and try something completely new. They were always timid, they didn't always understand their own emotions but by the end of the classes, at the end of the three months they were more confident in their own feelings, they were kinder to the people around them, and they were more sympathetic to the feelings of others. I don't know about you but to me it seems like those are the things that the world is lacking right now. I think the arts are not only vital to an evolving society but they are vital to an individuals growth, and to who we want to be as people and as a society.

William N. Lowe said...

I will admit that I was slightly skeptical coming into this article because it appeared to be how important the arts are and how they should be supported more, written by an arts organization. That is exactly what it is; however, in addition to that they have actual facts which make sense. I would have much preferred to see a non-arts source writing this article, but that does not deter from the importance of the article. Hopefully, the goal of the UK initiative, which should be followed by the US, will be to not only stimulate the arts further in areas where it exists, but to expand them beyond the populous centers and into the rest of the country. Government funding has a lot of power, and relatively it does not take much to get an arts organization funded and on its feet, and it’s payback will be great.

Chris Calder said...

It is no secret that the creative industries have a huge impact on the economy. Things like the movie industry are a great example of this. Every single year there is billions of dollars that are made from the entertainment field and when you think about it, it makes sense. The word entertain is right in the word, people have been paying for various types of amusement from the very early stages in history. I think the argument in this article seems like it should somewhat common sense but for some reason, there are people out there that don’t believe in the arts at all. It is nice to see that the executives of other industries are realizing the importance that it brings to the economy and society. I really do hope that people will read this article and understand its importance not only to the economy but also to creative industries all around the country.