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Monday, April 10, 2017

Career Experts Make Over These Mediocre LinkedIn Profiles Meet Sarah Sedo, who according to her LinkedIn profile is a food service manager at The Big Carrot. If you’ve never heard of The Big Carrot and aren’t sure what a food service manager does, Sedo’s profile won’t enlighten you right away–because, as personal branding expert and Fast Company contributor Kristi A. Dosh points out, “Sarah has allowed LinkedIn to automatically populate it with her current job.”

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Sarah Boyle said...

I think that the subheading in this article said it all, it’s about making your profile more human. (Also that kind of heading was exactly what the article was advising for profiles, so I’m glad to see that the author was able to apply it here as well.) The detail outside of standard job descriptions, a bit of personality and humor in the summaries, and adding photos. Essentially imagine what would entertain you if you had to search through a ton of these profiles, while at the same time maintaining professionalism. I wonder why the people with example profiles in the article agreed to be the examples. It’s publicity, but its publicity for having a mediocre profile. Mostly what I took away from this is to look up the LinkedIn profiles of LinkedIn employees, as soon as the author interviewed that one employee I realized that they must be the good examples.