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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Berlin Startup Holoplot Tests Steerable Sound in German Train Stations

IEEE Spectrum: A Berlin startup named Holoplot has built a premium audio system that it says can send one song or announcement to one corner of a room, and an entirely different message or tune to another area of the same room—without any interference between the two.

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Rebecca Meckler said...

This technology sounds really cool. I think it's interesting that to control the sound better, they used a similar method to controlling light. I though the section where they described how the waves were used differently the traditional loud speaker systems was really interesting. I would be interested to see other applications of this technology besides train stations, airports, and bus terminals, were many different messages need to be conveyed to different people. I could see it used in immersive theater experiences, like Sleep No More, but I don’t see how it could be used in traditional theater. Another aspect of the article that I found interesting is how the clarity of human voice in speakers was rated. I didn’t know that there was a zero to one system and I would be interested to know how the ability to understand a voice is judged. Overall, I really enjoyed this article. I would love to see the technology in action.