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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A manifesto for the creative industries With Brexit, immigration and the NHS dominating the news, it’s unlikely that the creative industries will be a key focus for the UK’s political parties in the run-up to next month’s general election. But the Creative Industries Federation has today published a manifesto urging leaders to take action to support and protect the creative sector.

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Katherine Sharpless said...

When Brexit happened, plenty of people spoke of the intellectual "brain drain" that would happen in the UK, where skilled intellectuals from other countries would leave Britain, not migrate at all (or not be allowed to which some politicians referred), resulting in declining industries, motivating skilled graduates to leave the country after graduation. Journalists always talk about the effect of migration on the tech and medical industries- but never on the creative industry. I definitely think the creative industry has been swept aside during this whole discussion and drama, and it's awesome that they are publicizing their concerns and have collected data on the returns of the creative industry. I had no idea that the creative industry was more profitable than the auto industry, for example, at least in the UK. I'm still kinda hoping the manifesto won't be necessary, that Brexit won't go through, and the arts will be spared.