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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Why L.A. City Hall is such a hot spot for film shoots

LA Times: On a recent March morning, crowds of movie extras dressed in tuxedos and couture gowns huddled together against the chill on the steps of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Crews maneuvered New York City taxi cabs into place to transform Spring Street into a convincing movie simulacrum of the Big Apple’s most glamorous fashion event — the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala.

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Rebecca Meckler said...

Its great that companies are trying to create new content and want to shoot in LA outside City Hall, but this reminded me of an article on the PTM blog from a few weeks ago about filming in Pittsburgh. The article talked about how the city actually loses money in tax breaks from film shoots and that the short term spike in business was not extremely helpful as it left as soon as film crew did. I can’t help but wonder if this applies to LA and their City Hall. Has LA in their attempt to make it easy to film also made it so that the city loses money from these film shoots? This article does not mention if the city gives any incentives to the film companies such as tax breaks and it might be interesting to see how that factors into the process of choosing a location. As great as it is that the governor gets to be part of the film shoot and say action every once in awhile, is that really relevant to the issue at hand. Nonetheless, this article does a good job of being intriguing and entertaining.