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Thursday, March 30, 2017

What’s Your Job?: Media Designer

Full Sail University Blog: When Austin Ulmer graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, he returned home to Pennsylvania to recharge. There, he spoke with his father who suggested he apply for a position in TAIT Tower’s media department. TAIT is internationally known for designing, constructing, and delivering live event equipment to some of the world’s biggest tours. After meeting with the head of media and touring the facility, Austin was offered a position and the rest, as he says, “is history.”

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Rebecca Meckler said...

One thing that surprised me about this article was how Austin Ulmer talked about the creation of the inflatables. In class recently, we talked about how typically 2D representations of objects are the standard, rather than 3D representations. However, Ulmer talks about how he created the inflatables in Cinema 4D and passed the 3D file on the the fabricators. However, I wish that this article was more in depth. I would have loved to hear specifics about how he typically goes about creating the media, however this article does highlight a field that people may not have thought about and therefore does not need to be in depth. Rather the article is designed to open people’s eyes to the concept of media design. I also think it's interesting that the main challenge is time. I would think that some of the big budget tours would know what they want early, however the article does not give that impression. It would be interesting to know how many hours it takes to create the media for something like Rihanna's Anti tour.