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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Walls Workwear Jack-Shirt with Kevlar

Pro Tool Reviews: For all of the oppressive summer (and sometimes fall) heat in Central Florida, the Pros here rarely have to worry about bundling up to get the job done. But there are times when we need workwear appropriate for chilly temperatures. You know, for the few days that dip below 60 degrees! Late winter and early spring can see actual cold snaps that would make even northerners reach for a jacket. That’s why this time of year is fitting to review the Walls Workwear Jack-Shirt with Kevlar, the perhaps double entendre name of a hybrid jacket and shirt from the Williamson-Dickie-owned work and hunting wear manufacturer.

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Delaney Johnson said...

I was surprisingly amused and entertained by this article even though it was nearly two pages about a work jacket. However, I did find many parts of the article intriguing. For one, I am the part of the population that did not know Kevlar as anything other than bulletproof vests. It does make sense that Kevlar could be used for a durable jacket, and combining it with cotton and polyester was a smart way to lighten the jacket and make it both breathable and fashionable. I also learned about the sheer process of what goes behind rating the uses of an article of clothing. It is not just whether the product looks good. It is also about how it is made and whether that process supports in all ways the product being constructed. This, to me, is what relates most into theatre work both in costumes and in other area. Thought into each material, process and result must be considered for our final product, a theatre show, to be both beautiful and functional, just like this jacket!