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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Third Home Will Pay You $10k a Month to Vacation I had a roommate who nannied almost full-time during her senior year of college so she would be able to travel when she graduated (it’s two years later, and the girl’s still abroad.)

What if you could still travel, but for free, without the boogers, tupperware, and chauffeuring? Or, even better, while earning $10,000 a month?


Marisa Rinchiuso said...

Holy cow! I did not think the title would be able to be lived up to in the article but wow- it sure did. I mean clearly this is not a "real job" it's more of a sweepstakes with great PR I think this was an incredible strategy for 3rd home to do because they are competing with AirBNB, Homeaway, VRBA, etc... I had never heard of 3rd Home until now. If you look at it that way, they just got the world's cheapest advertising. $30k bought them an employee for three months and an exorbitant amount of free press. The business strategy aside, I think this opportunity is astounding. I'd love to do something like this, but the reality is that there will probably 1000+ submissions, so it no longer is based on skill but now it is luck. In that way, you're better off not getting your hopes up. I bet there are similar jobs to this dream one that maybe are not as glamorous but give more accessible opportunity to people who sincerely want to make a career oriented around travel.

Delaney Johnson said...

When I first saw the title of this article I thought it was a scam. Although I don't think they're trying to take my money I am still worried about the job opportunity spoken of in this article. I'm skeptical about the actual benefits of this opportunity. Yes, it is great to travel the world, but if you are simply staying in fancy resorts or experiencing infinity pools than are we truly getting in the world experience. I too want to travel the world someday, but I want to backpack around the world and experience it as actual people do. I want to work a job in Ireland and even sleep in a car in the Netherlands. I want something brought a natural like the countries I'm visiting opposed to a perfectly curated experience. Yes, I understand that rental homes are huge industry, but to some of them I feel that they take away the real joy world travel. That being said I wish everyone good luck Who applied for this job. Your chances are slim.

Angel Zhou said...

My skeptical brain is telling me there must be a twist in this job. It is possible that they will require a massive amount of documentation during each vacation (I can see this turning into something that actually takes a lot of work – I feel as though using cameras or worrying about documenting vacations sometimes takes away from the experience itself; instead of taking in your surroundings, you spend most of your time on your phone). I also got very confused when the article’s writer ended with “good luck ladies”. Not only was the writer missing a comma of direct address, she discriminated against men who may want to apply. I checked out the link that she sent, and there were males commenting in the thread and there was no indication that the application was female-only. That bothered me a decent amount.

Overall, I want to believe this is true, but I do feel strongly skeptical. Since it is due today, there is no way I would be able to submit an application even if I wanted to, but even if I had time I don’t believe I would simply because of what catches there may be.

The article also mentioned that this job offer would “get your resume flawless”. I’m not quite sure what that means grammatically but I also am confused as to why this job would assist someone’s resume – I can see it helping someone trying to become a journalist or a photographer since it consists of lots of blogging and image-taking/vlogging, but I don’t know about “flawless”.

Annie Scheuermann said...

I think I have seen advertisements for this on Facebook recently. Having a job where you travel and share your experiences does really sound like a dream. But, I can almost guarantee that the winner of this will be the person with the highest numbers on their social media accounts. The internet works in a way that people can earn a livable income if they have an internet platform with enough traffic that companies want to sponsor and advertise on. In some ways this is not a new concept, reports and journalists still are sent to many places where their job is to visit and share what they experience. I think the difference now is how anyone can post online where as not everyone can write an article and have it appear in Travel Magazine. Their is also a big draw for millennial generation because we are so exposed to everything while just sitting at home, that people want to start doing and not seeing someone enjoy.

Evan Schild said...

Sign me up for this! This is not a job what so ever. Getting 10,000 a month for basically posting artsy Instagram and fun snapchat stories is all I need in my life. I would gladly travel around the world and get paid to use social media. What is the difference now? I use social media all the time and don’t get paid for it! On thing that made me a little worrisome is that it did not give any details on the actual job. Where would one be going for the three months? My brain thought this was really cool but at the same time kind of worry some. Going to different places can be very scary. Plus this seems like you would have to go alone and that is not okay with me. My immediate reaction was that I am so down for this but after some thought I would need a lot more details than what was given to me.

Claire Krueger said...

I honestly didn't think articles could get any more clickbaity then the Seattle Opera description. But once again, per usual, I am wrong. This article proved nothing and instilled even less of a trust in this “opportunity”. Also @Bovie’s why are you pulling from Collegecandy, the logo in the website isn't even high quality and looks hella shady/pixely. The article was posted March 25 and the deadline is March 30 forcing you to make a quick decision before the deadline is over. There were no details or stories of other people who participated in this in the past and with all of the recent issues all I can think of is human trafficking. And It was a little shady it was addressed, good luck ladies. Overall I would not apply for this job and If I was in a position to do so I would strongly advocate against it.

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