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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Smith Center’s architecture takes center stage for 5th anniversary

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Carson City may be Nevada’s capital, but when it came time to salute the Silver State’s 2014 sesquicentennial with an all-star concert, The Smith Center was the place — as it has been for locals since the performing arts complex opened downtown in March 2012

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Delaney Johnson said...

This building is so beautiful in such an eclectic way! The outdoor architecture of the building looks like a steel fortress reminding me closely of The Citadel in Charleston, SC. It is beautiful but in a strong and useful way. Nothing on this facade is decoration or ornate for no reason. Even it's beautiful curves are used to direct the eye and the body around the building. However, the multi-colored statue outside the performance space is completely modern and looks juxtaposed to the building it sits beside. This can especially be seen in how the sculpture seems to draw the eye up while the building is very stout and grounded. Yet another image can been seen in the interior of Smith Hall, which appears to be an ornate and gaudy display almost like that one would see at a fancy New York hotel. Although this juxtaposition may be odd, it fits the building as a theatre space which aims on bringing in a variety of shows and performers. The space, therefore, is just as diverse as the talent it contains.