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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Off-Broadway League & United Scenic Artists Announce First Ever Agreement for Off-Broadway Designers The Off-Broadway League and United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE have announced that they have negotiated an inaugural contract for the first ever Agreement for Off-Broadway Designers. The historic deal was reachedamicably, after negotiations concluded early morning on Saturday, March 4th


Katherine Sharpless said...

I wish this article went a little more in depth about this union between United Scenic Artist and Off-Broadway League. My understanding is that the benefits members of Local 829 have, such as safety and fair wages and work standards, etc. can now benefit Off-Broadway designers. It's great that this collaboration finally exists and that the two organizations established it amicably, "This negotiation was both historic and a true example of what the process should be; the two sides came together and through consideration of the needs". There seems to be a lack of information in this article though about what the exact changes are that are taking effect in July. I also wonder what this union means to the members of Local 829 who don't really have a particular interest in theatre and instead work in TV, dance, opera, etc. I imagine it's already complicated for the union to represent and set standards for this variety of artists, designers, and craftspeople.

Evan Schild said...

I agree with Katherine in that this article was lacking depth. All I know from this article after reading it, is that there used to be no contract and now there is one. I have no details about that the contract is giving to USA and what are the pros and cons of being in this type of agreement. I hope that the people who are in the union also agree to this type of deal and they know what is involved. The article kept repeating” The historic deal” but yet they did not say anything about the actual deal. I am so happy that more people in the industry are putting their foot down and demanding what should be given to them but at from this article it is unclear what was achieved. I hope that this means fair wages and better working conditions and hours. Hopefully next time Broadway world can give more information when they post an article.