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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Review: 'Game of Thrones' Live Concert Experience in Boston Basked in the Highlights

The Atlantic: At the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience on Monday night at Boston’s TD Garden, I kept imagining what the spectacle before me might look like to someone who had never seen Game of Thrones. Would a newbie enjoy the prog-rock pyrotechnics, the endless chugalugging of cellos, the cloak-draped vocalist who looked like Diana Ross performing for King Arthur’s court, and all the montages of knights and dragons and beheadings and weddings? Would they suddenly understand the show’s aesthetic appeal—the ravishment of expensive cosplay and expert cinematography and overactive timpani? Would it just come across like Dungeons and Dragons on Ice, nerdiness multiplied by shlock, embarrassing for all involved? Would they understand why people had shelled out $40 or more mostly just to watch clips of something they’d already watched?

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